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May 3, 2024Dr. Irina Perevalova Black holes, worm tunnels, and other oddities of our Universe 
April 5, 2024 Dr. Gregg McPherson Shoot the Moon (with a Laser) 
March 1, 2024Dr. Chuck Higgins The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse 
February 2, 2024Dr. John Wallin Artificial Intelligence in Astronomy  
December 1, 2023Dr. Irina Perevalova Laws that shaped the Universe  
November 3, 2023Dr. John Wallin Probing Dark Energy: The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 
October 6, 2023Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Small Worlds of our Solar System 
September 1, 2023Dr. Eric Klumpe Gravitational Wave Background 
May 5, 2023Dr. Neda Naseri The Power of Stars in Our Homes 
April 7, 2023Dr. Irina Perevalova Plate Tectonics 
March 3, 2023Dr. Gregg McPherson Inhabiting Other Worlds 
February 3,2023Dr. Chuck Higgins What is a Green Comet 
December 2, 2022Dr. Irina Perevalova Cosmic Collisions Revisited 
November 4, 2022Dr. John Wallin Cosmology and the Big Bang 
October 7, 2022Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Meteorite Scars in Tennessee 
September 2, 2022Dr. Abdorreza Samar Bakhsh The Unprecedented Accuracy of OmarKhayyam’s Jalali Calendar 
May 6, 2022Dr. Irina Perevalova The Tour of Other Worlds 
April 1, 2022Dr. Neda Naseri Mysteries of Cosmic Rays 
March 4, 2022Dr. Chuck Higgins Winter Sky – Messier Top 10 
February 4, 2022Dr. Eric Klumpe The Wacky Orbit of Webb Space Telescope 
December 3, 2021Dr. Nat Smith Search for ET Life 
November 5, 2021Dr. Irina Perevalova When Worlds Collide 
October 1, 2021Dr. Eric Klumpe Hawking Radiation 
September 3, 2021Dr. Chuck Higgins The James Webb Space Telescope 
December 21, 2020Dr. Chuck Higgins Jupiter Saturn Conjunction Livestream 5:15PM-6:15PMLivestream Video
December 4, 2020Dr. Chuck Higgins The Great Winter- Solstice Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn 
October 2, 2020Dr. Eric Klumpe Physics 101, Marvel Style – Gravitation Part 2  
May 1, 2020TBDVideo is not available yet 
April 3, 2020Dr. Greggory McPherson The Search for Water in the Solar SystemVideo is not available yet 
March 20, 2020Dr. John Wallin Stone Circles and ArcheoastronomyVideo is not available yet
February 7, 2020Dr. Eric Kumpe Physics 101, Marvel StyleVideo is not available yet 
December 6, 2019 Dr. Chuck Higgins NASA Citizen Science ProjectsVideo  
November 1, 2019Dr. Irina Perevalova TerraformingVideo is not availabe  
October 4, 2019Dr. Eric Klumpe Physics 101 Marvel Style: Conservation of MomentumVideo  
September 27, 2019Dr. Chuck Higgins Mars Colonization *Special Event with MTSU Dept. of Art and DesignVideo is not available  
September 6, 2019Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Summer Triangle Treasure Hunt Video 
May 3, 2019Dr. Irina Perevalova 50-yr Anniversary of the Moon Landing Video 
March 15, 2019Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Small Bodies in the Solar SystemVideo 
April 5, 2019Dr. Nat Smith Something About TimeVideo 
February 1, 2019Dr. Eric Klumpe Looking inside White DwarfsVideo
January 20, 2019Special Event: Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing Party Sunday 9:00-11:45 pm Video is not available 
December 7, 2018Dr. Eric Klumpe Funky Fizix in Film: Creation of the ElementsVideo 
November 9, 2018Dr. Irina Perevalova Life in the UniverseVideo 
October 5, 2018Dr. Nat Smith The Great Southern Skies: A View of Space from Down UnderVideo
September 7, 2018 Dr. Chuck Higgins Touching the Sun: Parker Solar ProbeVideo
May 4, 2018Dr. Irina Perevalova Space OddityVideo is not available 
April 6, 2018Dr. Eric Klumpe Funky Fizix in Film: Life on MarsVideo
March 2, 2018Dr. John Wallin The Invisible Universe and How We See ItVideo
February 2, 2018Dr. Chuck Higgins Cassini’s Grand Finale at SaturnVideo
December 1, 2017Dr. Eric Klumpe Black Hole TriviaVideo
November 3, 2017Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Shooting Stars & Meteor ShowersVideo
October 6, 2017Dr. Irina Perevalova Exotic MatterVideo
September 8, 2017Dr. Chuck Higgins Great Tennessee Eclipse recapVideo
August 20, 2017(Sunday, 3 pm)Solar Eclipse Experts: Discussion Panel, Stories, ImagesMeet the experts! Open to everyone  (SCI 1006)Video
August 11, 2017­(7:30pm  LRC 221)Dr. John Wallin Observing and Photographing the Solar Eclipse(Bring your camera for practice!)Video is not available
August 4, 2017­(7:30pm LRC 221)Dr. Irina Perevalova History and Science of Solar EclipsesVideo
May 5, 2017Dr. Eric Klumpe Funky Fizix in Film: EclipsesVideo
April 14, 2017Dr. Chuck Higgins The Great American Eclipse at MTSUVideo
March 3, 2017Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Solar ScienceVideo
February 3, 2017Dr. John Wallin  Darkness Fell Over the Land: Eclipses in Religion and HistoryVideo

Friday Star Party Videos are a co-production of the MTSU Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Education Resource Channel @ Middle Tennessee, Comcast Channel 9.

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